Top Tips to Maximise Your Home’s Value This Summer

Top Tips to Maximise Your Home’s Value This Summer

If you are planning on putting your property on the market this summer, MOV8 can offer you all the advice you need to help you get the best possible price for your property. Small details make a huge difference when marketing your property and go a long way towards encouraging people back up the path for a second viewing.

Think about how you would want to promote yourself on a first date. Well, do the same for your property; make sure it’s clean, well-presented and smelling fresh! Here’s our top tips to heat up your chances of selling this summer.

A Welcoming Entrance

Make sure that the entrance to your property is enticing so that potential buyers will want to come in and view more of your home. If the hallway or entrance is cluttered or cramped, it will indicate that the house is cluttered and will make a poor first impression. Store any items which are unnecessary such as shoes or jackets out of sight.

Put a vase of fresh flowers on the hall table to instantly creating a feel-good factor.

Lawn in Shape

A beautiful garden on a hot summer’s day can add fantastic appeal to a property, but straggly weeds or dried out lawns can ruin the look of even the nicest garden. If there are brown patches on the lawn that a potential buyer might see as they approach the property, strategically place something to cover it like a pot filled with flowers or a piece of garden furniture.

Maximise Every Room’s Potential

Ensure that every room in your property shows its original purpose and boasts its full potential. If you are using a dining room as a child’s playroom, tidy all the toys away and set the table to show off how many people can dine in one room. If you are using a spare bedroom as a study or workplace, remove any home office equipment and set up the room with a bed and bedside cabinets.

Let There be Light!

If you have a room which is slightly on the dark side, add a lamp. Don’t go overboard though by placing lamps in every room as potential buyers may be suspicious you are trying to cover up a lack of natural light. If you are conducting viewings on a dull day or late afternoon, show the property with all ceiling lights switched on. Give the light switches a wipe-down beforehand. If there’s one thing vendors don’t always notice but potential buyers do, it’s grubby looking light switches.

Good Ventilation

Stale smelling rooms are massively off-putting and can make people want to leave straight away before they have had the chance to see the best parts of the house! It’s summer, so get the windows open and let the air in! Make sure you give any any bathrooms or utility rooms a good airing too.


When you’re cleaning, make sure you pay attention to the little things that could catch a potential buyer’s eye. In particular, make sure you wash windows. People are always drawn to windows to look into the garden and check out the view, so make them a focal point.

Clear any junk from the window sills and ensure curtains are pulled right back letting the light in, making the rooms seem bigger and lighter.

Sorry, No Pets!

Pets can present something of a challenge when it comes to selling your home. Not all viewers will want to purchase a home where dogs or cats have previously lived. It’s important to bear in mind when putting your property on the market, that not everyone will share the same love for your pets that you do. For more advice on selling your property when you have pets, check out this article here.

Floor Space

A clear floor instantly creates an impression of light and space in a property. Space and light sell properties, make for great photos and allow the buyer to imagine their own furniture in place. Along with great photos, floor plans and clear copy, they help to maximise the impact of your property marketing materials.

Last But Not Least….

Not all viewers want to be pounced on the minute they enter the property or have a running commentary while being given a guided tour. Not everything the agent or owner has to say will be of interest to a particular viewer, so let them have some space to look round the property.

If you are thinking of getting your property on the market this summer, contact us today at [email protected] or call us on 0345 646 0208 for a FREE valuation.  A member of our dedicated team will be delighted to talk you through how MOV8 can help you get the best possible result from your sale.


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