Who Do You Need to Tell That You Are Moving Home?

Who Do You Need to Tell That You Are Moving Home?

Who Do You Need to Tell That You Are Moving Home?

It is often said that moving home is amongst the most stressful things that people do in their their lifetime. However, by planning the move well in advance, you can minimise this stress. Informing people of your change of address, before or after you move, can be time-consuming and it is often difficult to remember everyone, so we have pulled together a list of everyone you might need to get in touch with to help you with your move.

Of course, not everything below will apply to your circumstances, so you can ignore the ones that don’t apply to you.

Whatever you do, however, we would recommend that you arrange a Royal Mail redirection. No matter how you plan, there is always someone or something that slips the net! Having a redirection in place for 12 months ensures that you don’t miss anything that’s important and it’s a long enough period to catch that all-important, once-a-year letter.

We hope you find this checklist useful. If we’ve missed anything off the list, please let us know! In the meantime, if you require any advice about buying or selling property in Scotland, please just get in touch with us today!

Why not download this document in PDF format here and then tick-off the items as you go?


Utilities and Other Services

Landline Supplier

Broadband Company

TV Licensing

Satellite or Cable TV Supplier

Mobile Phone Company

Electricity and Gas Companies


Cleaners, Ironing Service, etc.

Servicing Contractors (Boiler Maintenance, Central Heating, other appliances)



Banks (High Street and Online)

Mortgage Provider

Credit Card(s) Provider

Loan or Credit Companies




Financial/Mortgage Adviser

Life Insurance Provider

Critical or Serious Illness Cover Provider

Council Tax Department

Dept of Work & Pensions (DWP), formerly DSS


Hire Purchase/Loan Companies

Investments (Funds, etc.)

NS&I – Premium Bonds

Pension Provider – Registrar

Shareholdings – Registrar





Hospital, if you attend regularly

Medical insurance (e.g. BUPA or Prudential)



Car Insurance

Breakdown Cover (AA, RAC, Green Flag)

Car Finance Company (e.g. Hire Purchase)

Parking Permits – Cancel or Modify with Local Council




Online Retailers (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Paypal, Sainsbury’s Home Delivery)



Household Insurance Supplier – Building and Contents

Burglar Alarm Servicing or Monitoring

Clubs – Community, Sports, Rotary, RSPB

Dog Walking Service(s)

Vet, Kennels, Cattery, Microchip Registrations, Pet Groomers

Pet Sitters

Family and Friends

Friends and Neighbours

Milkman – Cancel deliveries

Newsagent – Cancel deliveries

Magazine Subscriptions

Schools and Nurseries, Childminders, Babysitters

Window Cleaner



Book or Music Club Subscriptions



Church/Religious Organisations


Stores with Loyalty, Discount or ‘Club Cards’

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