Meet The Negotiator

Meet The Negotiator

Susan Lamb has been a senior negotiator with MOV8 Real Estate for three years and is one of our most experienced members of the team. We caught up with her between negotiating offers for our clients to ask her about her time with MOV8.

MOV8: Susan, thanks for giving up your time, we know how busy you are! How long have you been a property negotiator?

SL: Around 20 years. Before coming to work for MOV8 I worked for a number of different property companies and solicitor firms across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

MOV8: Do you think there are any special skills or talents you need to be a negotiator?

SL: I think it’s really important to be friendly and knowledgeable to do this job.The best thing you can do for your client is to be a great listener so you can offer what you believe to be the best possible advice.

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MOV8: Explain to us briefly what your job entails.

SL: I spend a lot of my day dealing with clients, giving advice on what to do to help sell their property as quickly as possible for as much as possible. I also spend a lot of time dealing with offers as they come in and processing purchasing offers on behalf of our clients looking to buy property.

MOV8: What’s your top tip for property sellers?

SL: Be realistic about your price.  You’ll hear evidence from your estate agent and surveyor justifying the amount they believe you could achieve for your property so it’s worth listening to them as they are experts. Hopefully you’ll be lucky, like a lot of the sellers in this current market are and you’ll end up getting more than the Home Report valuation, however it’s not a given and it would be a shame to miss out on a sale for the sake of a few hundred pounds!

MOV8: How has owning your own property influenced the advice you give to sellers?

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SL: I know how stressful selling can be as a property is the biggest asset most of us have. Sometimes people can worry if they aren’t inundated with offers as soon as their home goes on the market, but I always say it just takes one person to make the right offer and sometimes a wee bit of patience is all it takes to get a great result!

MOV8: What’s your favorite part about coming to work for MOV8 every day?

SL: Seeing my work colleagues everyday. They are a great bunch of people. I also get a huge sense of satisfaction from securing a great deal for a client, whether selling or buying. It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve helped someone buy their dream home for a great price or helped a client achieve the best possible result selling their home.

Thanks for giving up your time to talk to us Susan, we know how busy you are!

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An expert in the field of business development and relationship-building, Laura can be found out and about, meeting potential new clients and recruits for MOV8’s team. Laura also has a large part to play in the development of MOV8’s Corporate and Social Responsibility program, organising events to raise funds and awareness for good causes in our local areas and coordinating donations arising from MOV8’s commitment to donating a significant proportion of its profits to charity. A former dancer and teacher, Laura is also involved in our MOV8 Academy training programmes and trains on customer service, phone handling and networking.


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